Meet Amanda

Let's Fête Meet AmandaHi. I’m Amanda. The brainpower behind Let’s Fête. I love being a wife and a mom of two little boys, Remy and Felix. We relocated to the  Boston area a few years ago from San Francisco, and we’re still getting used to the cold!

I’ve spent most my career in the advertising world, surrounded by insanely creative people every day. Once I had kids, it really solidified my love of making the world around me a little more special – just for the look in their eyes. Holidays, birthdays, tuesdays…there’s always a chance to bring a big smile to someone’s face. This is why I love helping other people bring that into their own spaces. I am so in love with the festive world, I can find some pretty cool ways to make your event unique.

Here are some common Q’s:

What else are you into?

I LOVE living a healthy life and leading one for my kids too. I workout five days a week and eat as healthy as possible. Oftentimes my recipes will be on the healthier side, but I do throw an indulgent one in there every so often. Because I work full time and my husband travels a lot, my workouts are mostly at home – bodyweight exercises and weights get the job done for the most part!

Do you sell what you make?

Occasionally. I don’t have a shop, but am set up on Etsy if you have any special requests. I’m always open to it and love taking on new projects if I have the time. I love being inspired by client requests and challenges.

Can I use your photos on my blog?

Probably. Just email me to make sure.